Hot Percepts 02 – Sinan Oymaci

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Hot Percepts 02 – Sinan Oymacı


  1. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, invests 3 Billion Dollars in Chan Zuckerberg Initiative that he has established on behalf of his spouse.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has stated that he will be making an investment of 3 Billion Dollars in Zuckerberg Initiative that he has established on behalf of his spouse. The initiative is not a foundation.

The aim of the initiative is to find a cure for many, preferably for all diseases in the next 20 – 50 years, and to provide a healthy future to our children.

To serve this purpose, firstly, they are constituting a research center – BioHub -, the head of which is to be Neuroscientist Dr. Cori Bargmann. All the results obtained through the practices will be shared with the scientists free of any charge.


  1. How does nanotech reflect on the Speedo products’ performance?

Speedo is one of the well-known brands in swimming related activities. It’s constantly trying to develop various materials which will have an increasing effect on swimmers’ performance. As the result of its collaboration with NASA, it has begun to use most efficient materials, which will improve swimmers’ performance significantly, in their products.

The first material was called ‘fast skin.’ Then, it started to use a new material called ‘laser racer.’

Product covers a swimmer’s head and body just like a corset. It uses this material that reduces the friction between skin and water to the minimum in the production of swimming hats, swimmer masks, and swimming suits.

13 world records have been broken owing to the products in which this material had been used in 2008.

Completely different results will be obtained like enabling performance enhancing once these products of nanotech become widespread.


  1. Inbody is a new smart wristband which can measure body mass and fat index

There are many smart wristbands and watches available on the market. Their general features are:

Counting the number of steps – which we call tracing 10.000 steps, 10.000 steps a day, Monitoring sleep – monitoring deep sleep, falling asleep, and movements during sleep,
Monitoring various activities – such as running, swimming and cycling
Keeping tracks regarding the whereabouts of visited places through GPS.
Monitoring heart rate is also one of them.

Inbody has added new parameters along with these. It can also monitor body mass index and muscle to fat ratio through some new sensors. It also stops the period, during which the user spends idle time – without any bodily movement whatsoever- in front of the television from being detected as sleep.

As far as products like smart wristbands and watches are concerned, it is essential that values obtained from these products and sensors are evaluated through an application. The more these applications develop, the more these sensors vary, we will get more results from these devices that we carry on our body become healthier. It will be much easier for us to be monitored in the upcoming days.


  1. 8K Television broadcasting in Japan

As we recently buy 4K televisions, watch 4K broadcasts, and generate 4K contents, NHK has already started 8K broadcasts in Japan.

Only, the problem is there are yet no available televisions on the market to watch 8K broadcasts. To solve it, NHK has established certain centers, at where these broadcasts may be viewed, in various place in Japan and USA. They’ve made a demonstration of it in the Olympics that was held in Rio de Janeiro.

By 8K, we mean a resolution of 7.680 x 4.320

NHK also gave a demonstration of 8K mobile cams capable of shooting at 133 Mega pixel.

Since 2006, It has been displaying these types of products and technologic developments at ‘National Association of Broadcast’ convention and expo held in the USA.


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