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We talked to Microsoft Turkey General Vice Manager Cavit Yantaç in Mobile Pharma Experience Event.

Would you please give us some information about this event today?

Microsoft and one of our business partners TCM welcome the veteran of the pharmaceutical sector. All together they discuss where the pharmaceutical industry which has a distributed field structure is going. There is a field sales automation application developed by TCM. They share this application with the users and enable the sector players to provide their opinions about that.

As far as we heard, this solution by TCM has targeted also on an international level?

It is correct. The needs of the pharmaceutical sector are almost the same in several countries of the world. There is a central company. There is a central manufacturing and distribution mechanism. You have to enter into the chain of doctor-hospital-pharmacy which is extended throughout the country. You also have to increase your sales as much as possible, to maximize them and perform this process in a profitable manner.

With the field sales application, it developed, TCM optimizes this distribution mechanism in the pharmaceutical sector. It does not only apply this to the pharmaceutical industry; the application has a tool which can be used all companies having a distribution mechanism.

However, since they cooperate with several health and pharmaceutical companies such as Bilim İlaç, which is a corporation to take stage also in here, while developing this entire product, they would like to share the experiences of pharmaceutical companies and tell this process to them. As Microsoft, we have been working with TCM for years. In these studies, we help them with their infrastructures and sales marketing activities. We are here within this scope.

In which Microsoft platforms is this product included in an eco-system?

Considering the global movement of Microsoft, we are moving under the notion of cloud at first and then the concept of mobile. We would like to make the mobile experiences of the users the best everywhere on every end points. If they are individuals or corporate users, we are targeting to make such experiences the best ones possible. Therefore, we are primarily included in the end point systems such as tablets and telephones.

Subsequently, we take place in the data center infrastructures in which the data gathered is stored. We enable the pharmaceutical companies to save their all data in these data centers and several data centers by Microsoft which are located through the entire world over a cloud infrastructure. On several different points from mobile users at the very end points to the cloud at the very back, we help the pharmaceutical sector with our business partners like TCM.

As far as I know, you take place in the analysis of big data.

The quality of the data gathered from end points is changing day by day. Does any pharmaceutical representative reach the right doctor in the right time? Does he/she tell the doctor about the Product A, Product B or Product C and take any order? We provide the collection and analysis of this kind of information.

The data that we have is not only the field distribution data, of course. There are also CRM data, data about manufacturing. And we also provide a data warehouse and data collection system which gathers all these data.

When we say “big data” we do not only refer to the volume of the data. The data generated by TCM Company has a significant amount. However, when we mention about big data, what we mean is the variety of the data. The applications like field sales automation increase the variety of such data. In other words, they complicate the usability. On the other hand, they enable the users to make correct decisions thanks to the right thing support mechanism backward.

Finally, what would be the vision of Microsoft in the future related to the health care sector?

According to research by McKenzie: ‘The users, customers and patients in several regions of the world would like to be a part of health solutions which will be created for them.’

Accordingly, they would like to be a decision maker in the system. The pharmaceutics comes to the forefront at this point. The individuals would like to have a part in the preparation process of the medicine to be offered to them. In fact, we are talking about a pharmaceutical sector in which the user takes a place.

Secondly, when we look at Turkey, we have reached the 16th point in the world regarding total drug production capacity. However, we take the 36th place in the clinical studies and optimization of field distribution mechanism in R&D generated by pharmaceutical sector. Hence, we think that we have still a long way to go especially in the area of R&D.

As Microsoft, we are ready to support these studies, the veterans of pharmaceutical sector and our business partners like TCM.

Thank you.

It is me who should thank you for this opportunity.

You can watch the interview with Microsoft Turkey General Vice Manager Cavit Yantaç down below in Turkish.

Highlighting the digital transformation in the pharmaceutical sector and organized by the collaboration of TCM and Microsoft, the Mobile Pharma Experience 2016 event welcomes the participations of leading pharmaceutical sector companies like Bilim İlaç, Nobel İlaç, Drogsan, OMEGA, Eczacıbaşı İlaç. Making the opening speech of the event, Microsoft Turkey Corporate Customers and Business Partners General Vice Manager Murat Yılmaz says: “While the R&D investments in the pharmaceutical sector in the world is 120 billion dollars, this number is only 60 million dollars in Turkey. Industry 4.0 is a vital opportunity for Turkish pharmaceutical sector. With innovative solutions and technological advances, we are aiming at being the solution partner of the companies in the digital pharmaceutical era.”

Murat Yılmaz MicrosoftEmphasizing that Industry 4.0 will make a significant contribution to the pharmaceutical sector, Murat Yılmaz continues: “The world is now talking about the Industry 4.0 revolution which combines industry and technology and paves the way for smart factories and business models. Pointing out the era when The Internet is in touch with everything around, machine to machine communication starts, and the robots begin to manage almost all the manufacturing processes by undertaking the human labor, this process seems to be discussed a lot with its financial and social transformations. In the Western economies taking the advantage of this revolution, we can see that the pharmaceutical sector is rapidly going to digital, and the manufacturing processes are restructured with more smart and beneficial business models.

Therefore, they are trying to re-win both the employment and the manufacturing and coming to the fore in a global economy by taking the manufacturing centers they moved to developing markets back to their markets. And Turkey takes place right in the middle of this global competition. In order for our country which is positioned as a production center so far to come to the forefront with technology and innovation, to get out of the middle-income trap and to have a more powerful economy in the global markets, it is necessary to focus on services and products which can understand and meet the global needs”

TCMSFA introduced

TCM Managing Partner Bülent Batur introduced TCMSFA – the corporate field sales application which is selected as the “pioneer application” in Microsoft and Intel network they developed with Microsoft technologies for pharmaceutical companies. Rewarded with “Microsoft Business Partner of the Year” award in Turkey, TCM increases the productivity of the field teams in pharmaceutical sector with TCMSFA – the field sales power solution developed with Microsoft Turkey.

Developed with Microsoft technologies, the application comes to the forefront with its structure providing central management opportunity to field teams, the user-friendly and colorful interface, rich content features and the chance to customize the application for corporations.

About Microsoft:  

In direction with “Cloud first, mobile world first” view, Microsoft is a performance company and takes it as a mission to provide power to the individuals and corporation to achieve more.

About TCM:

Owning the titles; Microsoft Gold Partner and Authorized Education Center, TCM offers services like a turn-key project, consultancy, and education related to corporate intelligence, software, and mobile solutions.