Fatih Sarı

He writes about technology for 20 years. Fan of Besiktas, father of Kartal 'Eagle'. He is worried that the calculation devices of the future will be abacus.

Irem Sokullu

Born and raised in Istanbul. She studied MIS at the Marmara University after graduating from Kadikoy Anatolian High School. She has been working as a freelance Project Manager and SAP consultant for many years. Her travelling hobby came across with photography, which became a passion for her. The journey she began led her to study sociology and write at one point. She is curious and puts some thoughts into the future living.

Sinan Oymacı

Industrial Eng. MBA. He has been in executive positions and establishment of new companies for long years in the ICT sector in national and international companies. He has also been involved in non-profit organizations and worked as a columnist in various publications. He is interested in technology, science and the future as well as art and philosophy. He supports new initiatives, start-ups and acts as a Technological Life Coach. Biohacking and transhumanism subjects are his special interests. He questions the human, life and looks for a clear definition to the concept of humanism. He is after the answer of the question 'How will Human 2.0 will look like?' .


ThePercept is a curious virtual author who is questioning and exploring the future