Self-Service and Smart Solutions from Innova

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Türk Telekom’s affiliate Innova formed a sector platform for self-service and smart solutions.

Türk Telekom’s affiliate Innova attracted remarks with its  “Self Service & Smart Solutions” event on the 1st of November 2016 introducing their brand new technologies in the fields of self-service and smart solutions. The company presented new solutions under their brand Kiosk Innova to various customers and shared their innovations and the new industrial trends with the technological leaders, solution partners, and sector representatives. The all day event served as a platform in the fields of self-service and smart solutions where the users obtained the possibility to reach the required information and services in an easy and fast manner, while the corporates experienced the benefits of productivity, speed and competition advantages.

Self-service and smart technological solutions bring productivity and speed to corporates.

While mentioning his amusement for the remarkable attendance to the event, Mr. Aydın Ersöz, General Manager of Innova stated that:

“As Innova, an affiliate of Türk Telekom, we are leading our sector in the fields of self-service and smart technological solutions as in all the layers of the digital transformation. Our Kiosk Innova solutions which we have developed to meet all the needs of corporates are successfully used in our country and various countries all over the world as well. For example, a Qatar-based charity corporate Qatar  Sheikh Eid Charity has preferred to use self-service solutions developed by Innova to systemize their donation facilities. Using the solutions offered by our Kiosk Innova, Qatar Sheikh Eid Charity has achieved to unite all their donation transactions using the self-service donation kiosks placed at 26 different points all over the country. We have many similar success stories achieved worldwide.”

“We are tending to grow globally and lead our solution partners during this growth.”

Mr. Ahmet Kebabçıoğlu, Kiosk and Automation Solutions Director at Innova drew a future vision for the company and explained that:

“Our new vision is to grow globally while we shall be leading our solution partners during this growth. One of our top priorities is to convince the world markets that the best products in this sector are produced in Turkey. Therefore, we deem this event as the first step in this context and give high importance to this activity. Just to give an example to one of our services, Innova’s Digital Signage solution is an IP-based solution and therefore the management of the context can be configured to cover all the points that the internet can reach and can visualize any end point such as a store, restaurant, dealer, branch, etc. The server which will operate the central context management is configured according to the dimensions and magnitude of the project and all the computers which will convey the broadcasts to the screens will work in connection with this server via the network. Thus, we create a difference in the sector by our similar solutions.”

The most comprehensive organization in the fields of self-service and smart solutions.

The top level managers of Innova as well as the sector leaders gathered in this event and exchanged views and ideas regarding self-service and smart solutions. An interesting panel was organized under the name “Here Is A Lot Of Technology” where the successful companies shared their inspiring experiences during their digitalization voyages moderated by the famous anchorman Mr. Mesut Yar. Mr. Hüseyin Balcı, Türk Telekom Personal Sales Deputy General Manager, Mr. Hasan Ünal, Halkbank Personal Banking Deputy General Manager, Ms. Pınar Kaçar, Samsung Turkey’s  IT Product Group Sales and Marketing Manager, Mr. Göker Nurbeyler, Samsung Professional Display Solutions Manager and Mr. Yiğit Kulabaş, President of  RE/DESIGN Business participated in the summit by their presentations. During the event, the performance exhibited by Architect Berat Çokal, Experience Designer, and Gastronomy Specialist, under the title “Re-Thinking The Customer Experience In The Age of Smart Self Service” gathered the high interest and acclaim of the attendants.