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20160502 – Version 1.0


AbbVie, a major biopharmaceutical company acquired startup biotech company Stemcentrx worth up to $10.2 billion. Stemcentrx is developing drugs that target cancer stem cells, a particular type of cancer cell.

That acquisition is the second largest deal in venture capital history.



‘When we think to buy a new car, we go to 900+ decision points’ says a report from ‘Think with Google.’

It’s a long and time-consuming process. Do you know is there another buying ritual takes this kind of steps?



Infobesity: Overloaded information. We have tons of news, email, video, articles, scientific papers, research results every day. It is not possible to follow all of them. You begin to pass some of them or to try classification. Do not worry. You are not alone. Nobody handles this.



‘Needle-free blood draw.’ It comes from Google. The gadget removes a small amount of blood from the body. The patent, which is still pending, suggests the device may be used for testing blood sugar levels and be able to take blood automatically or manually for diabetics.



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