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Best Employer nominees received their awards

Great Place to Work Institute announced the results of their survey of the Best Employers of Turkey. The study includes 92 companies located in Turkey. 45 percent of the participants consisted of women, and the study represented 57.000 employees. The announced list consisted of the Best Employers of 2017 where İndus Eğitim&Yönetim Danışmanlık won the first prize in the category of “20 – 50 Best Small Workplaces”. In the category of “50 – 250 employees”  YGA and the category of “250 – 500 employees” Microsoft got the first prizes. In the category of “500 – 2.000 employees”  Glaxo Smith Kline and the category of “2.000 + employees” Hilton were the winners.

Great Place To Work Institute, a survey and consulting company specialized in the area of corporate culture is an institution which supports many businesses in various scales to construct better workplaces and improve their living conditions, announced the list of the Best Employers of Turkey for the year 2017 during a ceremony upgraded by a high level of energy.

As I watched the ceremony, I immediately recognized the philosophy of the Great Place To Work focused on the social movements to increase the work-life quality of the employees all over the world. In the following years, the participating companies and their staff must spend more efforts to overcome the raised bar.

I would like to share two videos before summarise the results.

First one is an interview with Eyup Toprak who is General Manager at Great Place To Work Turkey in Turkish.

Second one is an interview about cooperation between Era Training and Consultancy and Great Place To Work with Sogut Zengingonul and Eyup Toprak in Turkish.

Here are the results and information:


Great Place to Work® Institute announced the list of the Best Employers of Turkey during a ceremony arranged for the fifth time in our country. 26 companies were included in the list achieving the high level of human touch corporate culture. Great Place to Work models was analyzed in the dimensions of Reliability, Respect, Equity, Pride and Team-Spirit and awards were released in five categories according to the number of employees such as “20 – 50”, “50 – 250”, “250 – 500”, “500 – 2000” ve “2000+”. The companies which possessed the perfect corporate culture the highest results were achieved under the dimension of “Pride.” The Best Employers obtained the highest grades in the dimensions of “Being proud of the work done,” “Being proud of the company” and “Being proud of the teamwork”. The weakest points gathered under the title of “Equity” which consisted of the dimensions of “Objectivity,” “the Righteous Approach of the Directors” and “fair charging.” Companies which achieved to raise their Trust Index points from 79 % to 82 % as of last year, exhibited the importance given to the corporate culture.

Microsoft kept its place at the top and gained two more prizes.

Within the context of the Best Employers of Turkey 2017 Survey, companies received various special prizes along with sector awards. In the “250 – 500 employees” category Microsoft kept its place at the top and received a “Life Time Learning” special prize as well as the “Best IT Employer” sector award.

A Non-Profit NGO YGA achieved to enter the list.

YGA (Young Guru Academy) received the first place in the category of “50 – 250 employees” forthcoming with their studies in leadership programs as a Non-Profit Non-Governmental Organisation.

AbbVie won the “Best Pharma Employer” award.

AbbVie won the first “Best Pharma Employer” sector award as well as a special prize in the dimension of “Equal Opportunities & Women Support.” The company also created a difference in the area of corporate culture adoption.

Novartis achieved three prizes.

Novartis gained to enter the list in the Pharma sector and won the “Work & Living Balance” special prize. The company which increases the motivation of its employees with the contests and activities they organize won the special prize of “Sustainability in Women Employment” which was presented by Danone Turkey.

3M entered the list and won the “Occupational Health and Work Security” special prize.

3M working in the sector of Production entered the list of Best Employers and also won the

“Occupational Health and Work Security” special prize.

Glaxo Smith Kline became the leader of the category focusing on human and culture.

Pharma company Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) was evaluated with programs focusing on human and culture where the employees find a part of themselves in their company. The company achieved to enter the list in the first place.

Hilton workers are proud of their company.

Hilton was placed at the top of the category of “2.000+ employees” with its achievement in creating a family environment for its workers and was awarded the “Collaboration of Different Generations” special prize.

Prizes for H&M in retailing and Turkcell Global Bilgi in call-center sectors.

In the category of “2.000+ employees” H&M in the retail sector and Turkcell Global Bilgi in call-center sector achieved to enter the list. H&M which was in the third place last year enjoys raising to the second place whereas Turkcell Global Bilgi entered the list in the third place.

Companies in the list receive 30% more applications.


Eyup Toprak, General Manager of Great Place To Work Turkey, underlined the strategic importance of forming a high-fidelity culture in companies evaluated: “the strengthening of trust and fidelity notions of the workers increases the chances of the businesses in the race of talent scouting. Companies nominated as Best Employers receive 30% more job applications compared to companies out of the list.”

2017 Best Employers of Turkey:

20 – 50 Best Small Workplaces

1. İndus Eğitim & Yönetim Danışmanlık

2. Canpa

3. Udemy

4. Hasbro Oyuncak

250 – 500 employees category

1. Microsoft Turkey

2. AbbVie

3. Novartis

4. Roche

5. Fevzi Gandur Lojistik



50 – 250 employees category

1. YGA (Young Guru Academy)

2. Gittigidiyor/Ebay

3. Toyota Türkiye Pazarlama ve Satış A.Ş.

4. La Lorraine Bakery Group Türkiye

5. Daiichi Sankyo

6. Johnson Wax

7. Adecco

8. Doğuş Müşteri Sistemleri

9. AGDAŞ Adapazarı Gaz Dağıtım A.Ş.

10. Doğuş İnşaat ve Ticaret A.Ş.

11. Doğuş Holding



500 – 2000 employees category

1. Glaxo Smith Kline

2. Axa Sigorta A.Ş.

3. 3M



2000+ employees category

1. Hilton

2. H&M Hennes & Mauritz Tekstil Ltd. Şti

3. Turkcell Global Bilgi


Special Awards:

Life Time Learning – Microsoft Turkey

Work & Living BalanceNovartis

Occupational Health and Work Security3M

Equal Opportunities & Women SupportAbbVie

Diversity – Gittigidiyor/Ebay

Sustainability in Women EmploymentNovartis

Collaboration of Different GenerationsHilton



Special Awards for Sectoral based:

Best Pharma Employer – AbbVie

Best IT Employer – Microsoft Turkey

A note about the survey of Great Place to Work:

A survey of Great Place To Work is a preferred and accepted work for forming Best Employers lists proclaiming and strengthening the brand names of companies. Every year the Institute realizes an analysis of 7.000 companies with over 16 million employees and thus achieves the characteristic of the largest scale survey in the area of corporate culture. Along with the “Best Employers” lists of the countries, they also organize 100 Best Workplaces in Europe, World’s Best Multinationals as well as the Fortune’s 100 Best Companies To Work For.