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20160419 – Version 1.0


Bento Lab’s DNA Laboratory for everybody campaign is live at kickstarter. This kit is a vast improvement. You can read about product and information below sites.

http://www.bento.bio/ and



Did you know that if you’re using Facebook, there were hidden messages that you are not of aware? I did not know too until I read the following story. I found six or seven years of notes. Fortunately, they were not very important. I suggest you read the following pages.



There’s a Proven Link Between Effective Leadership and Getting Enough Sleep. Excerpts from the report in the Harvard Business Review.



50 million citizens of the identification data were leaked to the internet. Social engineering and fraud along, information security, protection of personal data and privacy issues raised.

I do not give any web site information. I am sure you can find enough of them.


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