Number of individuals that interact with Watson will reach 1 billion by 2018 – Jay Bellissimo IBM

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Being a leader in digital transformation with its market-creating role in Turkey, IBM continues to provide added value to sectors with cognitive technologies and investments made specific to Watson. Having been providing services in Turkey since 1938, IBM pioneers the digital transformation in Turkey. Performing several works in order to expand the use of Watson and cognitive technologies in the industries in Turkey, IBM focuses on Big Data Analytics, Cloud, Mobile and Social Business Solutions, Cyber Security and Internet of Things and sectoral solutions in Turkey as well as globally.

Human and machine cooperation…

Jay Bellissimo, General Manager of IBM Cognitive Solutions globally, says that use of Watson and cognitive technologies will increase shortly and rapidly worldwide. Emphasizing that this transformation is a “human and machine cooperation”, Bellissimo states that 1 billion people will interact with Watson within two years, and says:

“Through the history, we have witnessed 3 different computing ages. First of them was tabulation systems. These systems were used until 1950s, and followed by programmable systems. Along with these systems still in use with mainframe, cognitive age started in computing as of 2011. Today there is so much data on the world that no one knows what to do with so much data. Considering that 80 percent of all data existing in the world from tweets sent to MR images, from social media interactions to number of our steps actually does not make sense to the computer systems currently in use, we can see briefly how important these cognitive technologies that can give meaning to such ‘non-structural’ data are.

Watson helps doctors in healthcare field…

“These next-generation systems that can understand, learn, judge and interact like a human enable to create many new cognitive industries and an ecosystem. Watson, which was first started to be used in healthcare field and now, as one can see, is applied in all sectors, runs on cloud. Analyzing high data volumes and responding to complicated questions in natural language and recommending evidence-based solutions, Watson continuously learns, and creates information and value from previous interactions within time. Thus, it continuously becomes more intelligent and never forgets. According to the research made in healthcare field, Watson recommends the same treatments as the doctors at the rate of 99 percent, and exhibits the skill to find solutions that doctors cannot find at the rate of 30 percent.”

Watson and the World…

“Any industry can benefit from Watson from doctors applying more accurate cancer treatments to bank customers receiving answers much faster, music becoming more suitable for cultures, and more personalized gifts. Vehicles without drivers talk to passengers. Clothes that can think are produced. Instead of standardized education, how a child learns best is focused, and education models are adapted accordingly. Because world is healthier, safer, more productive, more personalized, more efficient, more creative and more attractive thanks to Watson…”