Crazy Questions About Autonomous Cars – Sinan Oymaci – New Version

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Driverless cars – Autonomous – are on our agenda for a very long time. You can find many reviews ranging from security, ethical values, lifestyles to the impact on the environment.

I wanted to share with you the crazy questions that came to my mind. They have no answers. We will all begin to see their answers together near future.

  1. You jumped the car and went. Suddenly an accident happened in front of you. How does the car behave, how do you behave? If you were using it yourself, you could make a move with the protection instinct. But because the car went on its own, and you were reading at that time, until you would have picked up your head and make an action, all could be finished.
  1. In a similar way, the package or the material fell from the top floor of the building to the road. What will happen? The builders or the people on the street are screaming for your attention. The material came in through the top of the car until you understood.
  1. Someone have set up an address for you. You are in the car and going there. When you are on the way, you got a phone call, and the address that you go was changed. How will you describe the new address?
  1. The direction that you go, a construction company which thinks that deserves to do everything in its construction place at urban transformation area has blocked the road. In the middle of the road, there is a concrete truck and the crane. It is unlikely to be seen on any map. How will this car continue?
  1. You had a health problem suddenly. According to the new algorithms, the tools that have undertand and begun to drive to the nearest health institution. What do you expect when you arrive at there?
  1. The animal jumped in front of the car. Will the car suddenly break, run from the edge, cross over, or cross it? If it suddenly brake and you are reading your book in a relaxed position at that time. Can you imagine what will happen?
  1. Assume the tire explodes. The glass can also break. How will panic in the car be resolved?
  1. The car broke down and suddenly stopped in the middle of the road. Don’t you think so? Why is it not stopped!
  1. A car enters the parking lot. Who will get the ticket, who will pay it, how will the card be placed on the parking ticket machine at the exit?
  1. A car is approaching the pedestrian. Someone suddenly jumped on a pedestrian. Will it act by hitting the roadside tree by put you in danger, or will it drive directly to someone? How will the problem be solved? Who decides? How to use ethical and moral values?
  1. There are also fun sides. You went to a place where it was impossible to find a place to park the car. Get out of your car and set the car free. Your car turns and turns, drives around the streets. When your work is over, call, and it will pick you up.
  1. Similarly, if there is no room left in the shopping mall parking lot, make the same. Your car can spend time in the car park. Can you think of chaos?
  1. You need to get something from somewhere. But there is no time to go and come back. Call the person and say ‘I am sending you a car. When the car arrived, please put the package in the car’. Then set the address for the car. The car can go and pick up your package and come back.
  1. You are approaching the pedestrian crossing. If you drive, you can have an eye contact with people and get the thank-you smile. If it is a self-driving car, you miss that feeling.

That’s all for now. Please send your opinions, if you have anything say.

Please share your opinions and thoughts with me. Let’s see what we’re doing right and what is wrong. Knowledge increases by sharing but not saving.

Best regards.

Sinan Oymaci

sinan (at) thepercept . com

February 14, 2017 – Istanbul