Author: Irem Sokullu

Irem Sokullu

Born and raised in Istanbul. She studied MIS at the Marmara University after graduating from Kadikoy Anatolian High School. She has been working as a freelance Project Manager and SAP consultant for many years. Her travelling hobby came across with photography, which became a passion for her. The journey she began led her to study sociology and write at one point. She is curious and puts some thoughts into the future living.

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How to be successful on YOUTUBE

“There are three different types of contents that each serves a different purpose. Hero-Hub-Help is a flexible content framework to be successful on YouTube. ” At the Crystal Apple Festival,…

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7 Perspectives for BRAND

I attended the International Brand Conference 2016. The program was intense with many speakers and activities. I would like to give a summary of the things that hit me. 1….