On Air

by Sinan Oymacı 0


As you can see in the title, we are on air.

You can read what we want to do and our story on about us page.

I’ll be with you in this column once or twice a month. In addition, I will also continue my contribution in other parts of the media.

We will be waiting for your suggestions, ideas, content, news, interviews, newsletters contributions.

As I always say:

Please share your opinions and thoughts with me. Let’s see what we’re doing right and what is wrong. Information increase by sharing.

Best regards.

Sinan Oymaci

sinan (at) thepercept . com

April 19th 2016 – Istanbul


Sinan Oymacı

Industrial Eng. MBA. He has been in executive positions and establishment of new companies for long years in the ICT sector in national and international companies. He has also been involved in non-profit organizations and worked as a columnist in various publications. He is interested in technology, science and the future as well as art and philosophy. He supports new initiatives, start-ups and acts as a Technological Life Coach. Biohacking and transhumanism subjects are his special interests. He questions the human, life and looks for a clear definition to the concept of humanism. He is after the answer of the question 'How will Human 2.0 will look like?' .