Turkish Building and Construction Sector Prepares for BIM Process with Autodesk

by Fatih Sarı 0

The BIM (Building Information Modeling) process broadening all over the world has become an important item on the agenda of the Turkish building and construction sector as well. The latest improvements and applications in the BIM process which grant significant advantages to the industry companies in the fields of speed, efficiency, and sustainability was handled in the 5th Seminar of Autodesk titled “Now is BIM Time in Turkey”.

The fifth “Now is BIM Time in Turkey” workshop organized by Autodesk Turkey has been realized on the 19th of April 2016 at Four Seasons Bosphorus Hotel with the participation of the leading professionals of the building and construction sector of Turkey. During this activity the designers, engineers, and architects gathered in various sessions to observe the brand new trends and technologies as well as the innovative approaches presented by the products of Autodesk. They also enjoyed the facilities of being together with the principal members of the sector and listening to their advice and exchange views and ideas.

After the opening speech of the seminar Mr. Murat Tüzüm, Country Leader of Autodesk Turkey emphasized the point that the BIM applications which simplify the decision process for construction and infrastructure projects using the smart 3B models are the most efficient solution method to reach targets and complete projects successfully.           Mr. Tüzüm also mentioned that, “by transforming to BIM system a decrease of 41 % is achieved in construction site failures and 23 % cost reduction in materials. The time span is shortened by 19 % in the periods of the projects. We are very pleased to observe that the major companies of the locomotive sector of the Turkish economy have already transformed themselves into BIM applications. We always emphasize on the point that businesses that act quickly in this respect obtain significant competition advantages in local and international arenas”.

Autodesk Europe Region, BIM Technologies Sales Development Director Mr. Marek Suchocki,  stated that the BIM software supported by the cloud and mobile software have totally changed the construction applications.  Mr. Suchocki further emphasized that these designing technologies are not only used in the shaping and construction of new buildings but grant a high communication facility amongst architects, engineers, contractors and land owners. Eventually, with all these facilities, the BIM process creates an extraordinary amount of surplus value within the 7 billion dollar volume of the construction sector all over the world. A total of 600 cities which form the driving force of the global economy creates the 60 % of the Gross National Incomes of the whole world and towns with a population of 3,6 billion people living in cities will increase to 6,3 billion in the year of 2050. He also mentioned that the investments made for the improvement of the infrastructures of cities directly affect the success of the long-term development plans of the countries.

Mr. Suchocki further explained that the BIM software of Autodesk namely “Revit” and “NavisWorks” are intensely used in city designing projects especially in Middle East countries investing in economic and social infrastructures of their cities, as well as in countries like USA, England, China, Russia, India, Norway, Brasil, and Sweden. He completed his words indicating that these improved technologies grant their users long term correct and successful results in the construction of buildings, watering systems, transportation and energy infrastructures.

The Partner and BIM Director of Dome+Partners, Architect Mr. Onur Altuni shared is views and experiences regarding the period they have transformed to BIM and the increase they have achieved in the efficiency of their project by means of  cooperations, designing, visualisation and simulation granted by the facilities of BIM throughout the life cycle of the project. The company has completed its transformation process to BIM by using Autodesk solutions between years 2006 and 2016.

Autodesk Turkey  is cooperating universities to conglomerate BIM

Autodesk Turkey is carrying out various studies to introduce and conglomerate brand new technologies in their primary field of activity namely architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) areas. They spend their significant efforts to cooperations with the universities. Being the world leader in BIM solutions, Autodesk shares his knowledge and know-how with architecture and civil engineering students with continuous education sessions and various activities. Lately, Autodesk Turkey has been the primary sponsor of a designing contest named “Design Together” organized by the members of the ITU Engineering Students Club (İTÜ Mühendislik Öğrencileri Kulübü). Using this contest, nearly 5 thousand architecture, engineering and civil engineering students were introduced to the concept of BIM where 161 students took lessons on BIM, NavisWorks and Revit software.

During a conversation after the meeting, Mr. Murat Tüzüm, Country Leader of Autodesk Turkey made specific explanations to “The Percept” and may be seen in our video in Turkish.