Inetco have announced the launch of a new project in Turkey – Bijan Sanii

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We had a nice interview with Bijan Sanii who is a CEO of Inetco while he was in Istanbul for press meeting of Printec and BKM agreement.

Welcome Mr. Sanii

Thank you.

Could you tell us about Inetco Solutions?

Inetco is a software company. We build software for the financial industry and for payment processors and banks. We have very focused solutions from monitoring and establishing customer experience for payments kind of applications. Our products sold through out the world. Inetco have about more than 150 customers in more than 50 countries. Our customers include large names like Mastercard and Fidelity Information System FIS in the US amongst others.

We are very happy and proud to be in Turkey.

BKM has adopted our solution and deployed our solution. They are flagship customer for us here.

We work on that account with our partner Printec managed Nazan Arica who is General Manager in Turkey.

We look forward to Turkey becoming a base for us of four other European countries as well as some other countries. We are investing in Turkey to both service to rest of the country and rest of the banks and gathered deeper established base here. We reach out to the region and build that out from Turkey.

What do you think about the Turkish market?

Turkish market is very advanced, relative to lot of other markets. The investment here from 2000 on, we have seen a lot of advanced capabilities in a Turkish market on payments applications. Turkey has been a leader in a space. It’s an extremely good, strong market for us. It’s a mature market for us as financial operations.

One question; it’s not in the scope but what do you think about Fintech Technologies?

Fintech! We believe that this is the beginning. This is the tip of the iceberg in terms of the expansion of Fintech. Customers are now buying individuals as you. All of us are now buying products using our mobile phones for using telephone technologies. We are doing banking transactions online. There is mobile and Internet and then new services being rolled out all the time. This is expanding and so Fintech is. I think it’s at the beginning. We can assume more and more advanced in Fintech in the next decade.

What’s the future of Inetco in this region?

We look forward to this region again being a bit of a work with a bit of a power house for the region and us and based out of Turkey. There is a lot of growth here at this time and we hope too, with our partners take advantage of it.

Thank you for your interest.

I thank you too.

You can watch an interview with Bijan Sanii, CEO of Inetco below.


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