ICT 500 Awards Announced – Murat Goce BThaber

by Fatih Sarı 0

The 17th survey of the First 500 ICT Companies which is the most comprehensive study in the field of Information and Communications Technologies in Turkey achieved by the M2S Araştırma ve Pazarlama Hizmetleri for BT Haber magazine has finalized and the biggest 500 ICT companies were announced.

Galip Zerey, Deputy Chancellor of Transportation, Maritime and Communication Ministry made a speech and stated that “on the evening of July 15, various assaults were made to the communication stations in Ulus in Ankara and Umraniye and Acibadem in Istanbul. We have lost 2 of our employees. But no interferences were recorded in the communication systems. Telecom infrastructures become the primary target in such incidents. Therefore, we have to emphasize the importance of the telecom technologies. Our main purpose is to conglomerate the e-government system and increase the number of data centers. We spend enormous efforts to form new internet access points. Furthermore, we take the results of this ICT 500 Survey as a reference. Local and foreign companies use the data obtained by this survey. Thus, we get the chance to observe the latest improvements in the sector during the last year.”

Nominees awarded in 58 categories

During the ceremony most successful companies were awarded in 58 different categories and as a debut first 5 IT and CT companies have been granted by means of their revenues.

Amongst the IT companies, İndeks Bilgisayar was the first, Teknosa became the second, Penta the third, Hewlett-Packard the fourth, whereas Multinet received the fifth places. In CT category Türk Telekom was the winner, followed by Turkcell, Vodafone, Genpa and KVK.

Kalepro was elected to be the fastest growing company for the last year, whereas Datagate was awarded as the best performing IT company for the previous three years.

In his statement, Murat Göçe, Group Manager of BThaber Group Companies explained that the results of such surveys reflect remarkable information to many other companies. “This year we have enriched our ICT500 studies. We have added some dissimilarities and made some changes in the categories. To separate IT and CT we preferred to announce the first five companies in each category separately instead of announcing the combined first ten companies. I extend my sincere congratulations to the winning companies and their managers. The results of ICT500 are taken as a reference not only to the IT or CT companies but, by the sector officials and authorities as well. The booklet of our survey is inspected by state officials, by entrepreneurs to invest in our country, multi-nationals and by the trade attachés.”

25 companies achieved a growth rate over 100%

Ozlem Unan, General Manager of M2S Research and Marketing Services company mentioned that “The revenues of the companies within the context of the 17th IT500 survey has increased by 16,5% on TL basis. 89 new companies entered our list and the number of companies which showed a growth rate over 100% had reached 25. By the end of the year 2016, we expect the Turkish ICT Market to grow another 10% and overcome the 90 billion TL limit. Despite the negative influence of the year 2015, the revenues gained were considerably favorable. The fluctuations in our country and all over the world lead us to make more cautious predictions. Following the trends in the global market, local companies will be forced to make collaborations due to the present market and competition conditions. The most favorable trend for the year 2017 seems to be the cloud services and their relevant software. In companies investing in IT, the state, finance and telecom companies will be the driving forces. But we can not neglect the growth of CT investments in the retail, health and energy sectors.”

During the ceremony, the best companies in 58 different categories such as hardware, software, service, etc. and the first five of IT and CT sectors were awarded.

Sector veterans received their plaques

Veterans of the sector received various awards during the ICT500 ceremonies. A Plaque “35 Years of Labour in the Turkish ICT Sector” were presented to names working in the IT sector for more than 35 years. Mehmet Nalbantoğlu, General Manager of Koç System, C. Müjdat Altay, General Manager of Netaş, Betül Onat, General Manager of Kora, Zafer Dörter, President of Bilser, Dr. Aydın Köksal, Honorary President of the Informatics Association of Turkey and Ş. Nezih Kuleyin, President of Semor, received their plaques from Murat Göçe, Group Manager of BThaber Group Companies.

Managers of the companies contributing to the development of the sector received their certificates from the guests of honor, speakers, industry leaders and the presidents of various NGO’s.

You can watch the interview with Murat Göçe, Group Manager of BThaber Group Companies below in Turkish.