Impressions of ThePercept Team about Oracle Digital Day 2016 Istanbul

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Upon a pleasant and a tiring day, we wish to share our impressions on the Oracle Digital Day İstanbul 2016.

We spent extra care for the news format of this activity to comply with the digital agenda. Note: Please feel free to watch all details in our video in Turkish which has not been reflected in this article.

The announcement regarding the collaboration between Oracle’s using of Turkcell’s data center in Turkey was the most important topic at the event.

Country Manager and Vice President of Oracle Turkey Filiz Doğan announcement of the collaboration on the data center of Turkcell in Turkcell Gebze for the regulation of the infrastructure using their Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution.

Then, she welcomed Kaan Terzioğlu, CEO of Turkcell on the stage.

Kaan Terzioglu said that “If they asked me to draw the picture of ambition, I watched Larry Ellison live on stage in San Francisco six weeks ago. That was the most beautiful view of ambition I had ever seen.

After that presentation, I spoke to Mark Hurd, CEO of Oracle and expressed our enthusiasm to keep the data of Turkey’s data to stay in Turkey on behalf of Turkcell.

Here is the first time that a technological giant is accepting to keep Turkey’s data in Turkey. That is a great honor for us.”

Filiz Doğan was again on the stage to introduce Levent Berkman from Gtech for the second launch of the day.

Levent Berkman, Managing Partner at Gtech, surprised the audience by his announcement about Symphony Banking with Fibabanka.

Sedat Zencirci, Sales Consulting Senior Manager (Turkey and CAT) at Oracle, shared his impressions at the Oracle Open World and gathered the attendance of the audience.

Many visitors from Turkey and the region had participated in the activity, and the synergy amongst them was spectacular.

Many topics like servers, software, business intelligence and security were widely discussed in parallel sessions.

Please feel free to watch our ThePercept activity impressions video about Oracle Digital Day İstanbul 2016 in Turkish.

Stay tuned.