IDC Discusses Security With Finance World

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IDC has brought finance world together at the IDC Financial Technologies Conference on the 20th of October 2016.

IDC held the IDC Financial Technologies Conference on 20th of October, 2016 at Swissotel The Bosphorus. The most experienced companies in the security sector attended the event and, all safety issues were discussed in the last period.

The finance industry is one of the areas in which Turkey takes place near the top technology-wise. However, that field does host a fierce competition environment regarding companies’ attempts to make a breakthrough using their technological innovations. Banks mainly use financial technology widely and intensively and provide new means through innovations, like online and mobile ones, for themselves. Along with every innovation of the kind also come security-related issues.

Nevin Çizmecioğulları, IDC country manager of Turkey, remarks that security is among the biggest risks regarding finance companies and says: “Security comes top on the agenda of finance companies and we have discussed the plan by bringing finance corporations and organizations serving in security field together. I believe many managers of the financial world felt the need to check and update their companies’ security structures when our event was over.

The event was concluded with presentations of experience sharing under the following titles:

  • Sustainable growth and acquiring the advantage to make the first move in new lines of work
  • Pursuing innovations while balancing out the risks to create new sources of income
  • Developing innovative service means which improve customer experience and reduce dependence on office environment.
  • Enabling the integration of current structure to new means and type of means
  • Being able to analyze customer choices even before customer himself doesn’t know what they are
  • Reducing risks of security, to which sensitive data is exposed, and business continuity.
  • Optimizing technological resources by realizing solutions which reduce demands aimed at other technology fields.
  • Consolidating and transforming IT structure solutions that optimize IT operations and increase the supply of technology by regulating business processes.
  • Development of corporate service possibilities by realizing reliable and safe IT systems.