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We did a pleasurable interview with the General Manager of EMC Turkey about “Digital Transformation and CIO Expectations”.

EMC Sinan Dumlu d2Hello, Sinan.


You are on this duty for three months. You made a prompt start.

Yes. I have been on this duty as the General Manager of EMC Turkey for three months.

Could you explain to us the pressure on CIO – Chief Information Officers – and in what kinds of expectations company managers are?

Of course, with pleasure. Let me explain it in this way: we all know that we live in a digital transformation. In the context of this digital transformation, the general manager of the company says: “I want my business to keep up with the new age.” and wants this issue to be addressed by data processing directors in a way.

There is a kind of pressure on CIO’s about lowering the costs who want to overcome this. Because the general manager does not fancy to make a sizable investment in this process. However, on the other hand, wants new applications to be produced in a creative way. At this point, he wants the new processes of the company to take shape in a way to support this digital transformation. And this puts CIO under the pressure of cost-lowering on the one hand and under the pressure of transforming application software swiftly and of developing creative new applications on the other.

What kind of help EMC has at this point?

We have a group of services. First of all, we say that there is a need for consultancy service to achieve that. Within the context of consultancy service, scrutinizing the details, we explain which fields should be changed and reformed. Many times, we observe that the starting point is establishing a modern data center.

The current infrastructures – server, storage, and network – should be handled in a way to support these new applications.

We can supply both consultancy service and products, at this point.

Also, we can both serve as a guide about how to handle application software or what kind of strategy is to be followed to proceed to cloud computing infrastructure, and can offer various products and solutions in later periods, in case required.

At what points EMC differs from other companies?

First of all, EMC differs from other companies with consultancy services. And secondly, contains all modern data center components to be able to render the transformation which supports the digital transformation of this infrastructure – modern data center infrastructure –.

If we look at the whole, as a single manufacturer, it can provide:

– Solutions which provide interwoven infrastructure together with server and storage,

– virtualization solutions which operate on these,

– inter-production platforms which support cloud applications and

– various application development platforms which also help to analyze the big data.

Lastly, can we hear a bit about Dell association.?

We think that Dell connection will create an effect on the market which will create a difference and change the balances.

EMC Turkey trusts this joint from the bottom of its heart. We believe that we can respond to end users and to all our customers who wish to switch to digital transformation with a wider product end to end and a service portfolio.

Also, we believe body and soul that we will serve better opportunities to our associates concerning growth and development for the improvement of both incomes, and knowledge and skill.

Thank you.

Thank you, too.

You can watch the interview with EMC Turkey’s General Manager Sinan Dumlu below in Turkish.

If we look at the details of the research report:

According to a study made with EMC customers around the world, while 90% of enterprises stated that they were in need of IT transformation, 55% accepted that they had no studies on this subject.

A standard information report was issued concerning the IT transformation which was prepared by EMC Corporation and VMware. The report contains analyses of more than 660 EMC and VMware customers around the world who have taken initiatives for IT transformation to develop their digital business processes. The report which contains much more reliable results compared to research based on survey method presents an analysis of the deficits, recorded progress and targets in short- and long-term IT transformation initiatives of companies which participate in EMC IT Transformation and VMware Process Acceleration.

EMC Sinan Dumlu d1EMC Turkey’s manager Sinan Dumlu commented on the results as follows:

“We observe that our customers of both EMC and VMware, beside their adopting especially hybrid cloud strategies, have a hard time in taking sufficient steps toward IT transformation. However, customers who can realize IT transformation do experience not only severe cost cuts but also actualize the biggest progress in line with their targets concerning digital business processes. Today, it is seen that a significant transformation in all the industries is a must. For example, manufacturing companies are now producing smart devices and new generation servicer companies are creating the customer experience. There are also striking changes even in the services provided by public enterprises.”

Transformation Studies

According to research, most of the companies state that they want to improve the strategies concerning IT services to conduct IT as if a customer-based business, regardless of the location and sector.

While 90% of enterprises point to the importance of having an IT transformation strategy and route map supported administratively and by business field, more than the half of these (55%) accepted that they have certificated studies in this direction.

Also, 80% stated that they wanted to standardize services in business-based catalog with a self-service portal and to improve IT services concerning the fields below through increasing automation:

  • Source Procurement – While 77% of the participants expressed that they wanted to procure infrastructure sources less than within a day or in so short a time as required; more than the half of these stated that this process takes between 1 to 4 weeks.
  • Financial Management – While 87% percent of the participants relied upon annual appropriation or reimbursement per project; only 5% stated that they could invoice the consumer services with the announced prices.
  • Computation – While 88% of the companies uttered that they wanted to be able to use automation with which they can follow-up the sources consumed by each unit; 70% expressed that they have deficits in following IT reference consumption in business processes.

Cloud Infrastructure – Determining a Strategic Platform

The participants stated that they endeavor to virtualize and to improve through standardization hybrid cloud structures. IT organizations want to become more competitive. And the costs become more suitable. While most of the companies expressed that they want to own hybrid cloud structures for the production applications within the next 18-24 months; 90% claimed that they are at a level of evaluation and proof-of-concept (POC) of the system.

Of virtualization, almost all participant companies indicated that they want to accomplish 80% to 100% achievement in the virtualization of a program, storage, and application.

Applications –Faster and Stronger Improvement

Besides remarking that they want to carry out the automation of platform service to provide a faster software development for their institutions, more than 80% of participants said that they lack application systems with scalable independent infrastructures. While 68% asserted that their companies completed a new application development process within 6 to 12 months, many of them marked that they wanted to reduce this time to a couple of weeks.


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