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We had a friendly and informative meeting with Wael Mostafa. He is a territory and channel sales director of Commvault Middle East South Africa and Turkey.

Welcome, Mostafa.

Thank you very much and thank you for hosting me today.

Could you tell us about Commvault’s unique value propositions to the customers?

Commvault is a well-known company when comes data management. And if we look our customer today, the most important thing for them is the data. And the challenge that we are facing right now, if you go to any customer is the important growth. Commvault’s focus area is basically: How we can protect data for the client? How can we give access to the data for the customer? And how we can make sure that this data comply with the regulation, comply with company law, comply with the country regulation? And at the end is basically sharing the information.

So, if you look at it, the amount of data is becoming everything for us. It becomes information about our customers more. Questions: How can I come with more creative ideas from the technology perspective, from manufacturing perspective and all this, it is growing all over. Primarily, Commvault focuses how we can make sure that we can serve our customer, to help them managing their data growth in an easy way to and faster way and also utilize this data to assist them in making decision that assists them growing their own business.

What is the meaning of managing data?

Managing data is basically, today if you look at, the data stays in different stages in your data center or your environment.

You have the production data. You have the backup data. You have the archive data. You need to replicate this data either to your disaster recovery site or to your cloud or even moving to data the cloud.

At the same time, you need to regulate the data that you have which means that you need to make sure that this complies with either the company policies or with the country policies.

All this what we call it managing data and protecting data and giving access.

And also all this is static data. If I don’t utilize this data, it will not help me.

How can I access this data? How can I share this data? How can I share it with the right people to make a decision? How can I push this to a reporting system that can help me making a decision or talk about customer’s behavior or talking about particular technology or whatever?

That is what we call it managing data.

What’s the main advantages of Commvault?

The main advantage of Commvault that definitely, we’re one software. We are 100% software company, and we know that here is where technology is moving more to software taking out a little.

Because hardware is moving to commodity and this is the reality. So, everyone is moving to software-defined data centers of the device. The software is becoming the thing that helps.

Commvault, it started, it was software. We work with all hardware vendors. We have no issues with the hardware, and this is a unique offering. The other unique offering that we have Commvault, it is one software, one solution that meets all the customer requirements from data management as much.

You don’t need to run three or four different applications to do the same purpose. Today, Commvault is one software that you can start small, and at the end, you have the whole solution or the entire module of the software. Under one management, you save the data once. You don’t need to have multiple sets of data which saves you a lot of money and from a hardware perspective. That is what we will say the unique features. And also the flexibility that we give to the customer to access this data and to share this data.

What are the vertical solutions you mentioned?

Vertical solutions actually, we have different vertical solutions which are focused on a certain area. I will talk about mainly health care solution which is how we can support the health care industry of consolidating the data which is scaled, which is scattered all over the dedicated their environment.

If you look at the PACS system; You have the x-ray machines. You have the MRI machines. You have the whatever blood test tools. All those machines, they have data. One of the unique offering and one exclusive of functions that we do is we can collect from all these machines and give it to the patient management record application and keep it there for compliance which will help to consolidate all the information about the patient. And it becomes mandatory in a lot of countries where we need to keep this data forever.

Because this is about human and this is the information about him. Today, he might do MRI in this hospital while he needs to go to take treatment in different hospital. This second hospital, they need to know the whole record about the information about this patient. And we’re helping health care application, health care vendor and solution provider to consolidate all these data. They can serve the purpose of medical application in a unique way and what we call it Sender Patient Record.

Are there any future predictions from Commvault?

To giving more access to the information and the data that the customers have, or our clients’ organizations have, is more going to help the client doing more analytics to the data.

I will say a kind of a solution that will be easy for them to reach the data and give the data and do more analytics on the data. That is the thing which we’re planning to have and offer more functionality.

I will say that analytics is a major issue.

And the second part is more focusing on another vertical like telco, finance and government sectors and the internet of things and more on this stuff.

And, Commvault in Turkey?

Commvault in Turkey actually, is the key country for us. Turkey is a country with the growing economy that we’re saying actually during the last year.

We grow the team that was covering the market.

At the same time what we did is basically, we start increasing our coverage, having more partner, having distribution to manage our business in Turkey.

If you look at Commvault today and last year, we have lots of partners, lots of also we have distribution. We have engaged with the OEMs or alliances, a lot of technology vendors. They sell our products to the market.

I think we increased our coverage big time during last year and this will also continue during this year. We’re hiring more actually to do more coverage.

For us, Turkey is a key country in our region. And it is not on Orient; it is in near and having these resources, having partners in able to make sales, after-sale services and support services are key for us, and this is what we focus.

During last year, we did more than ten workshops just to make sure that our partners, our distributors, and our resellers can position Commvault and to help the customer with Commvault solution. We already did that, and the plan is to continue and to grow this more. So if we did ten last year, we are going to do 20 in the nexst year. These are our plans.

Thank you

Thank you very much.

Please feel free to watch the interview we have achieved with Wael Mostafa, Territory and channel sales director of Commvault Middle East South Africa and Turkey at the following video.