Bosch, Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things strategy – Steven Young

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We would like to share the important points that we gathered from the press meeting held by Bosch Middle East and Turkey President Steven Young.

Due to the fact that Bosch is both a high-tech company and service provider, it takes it as a goal to develop with innovative product and services. The variety that Bosch owns can connect everything from automotive to residences in this connectivity era brought by Internet of Things and therefore it creates a new business field. The web based services it offers assist its customers. In addition to their daily life – for example while driving, parking or resting at home – it provides assistance. These are called “life services”.

Industry 4.0

In Industry 4.0, the raw material of the industry connected to the network is the invisible data flows. Constantly looking for the ways to optimize their own processes, the companies can turn this raw material into a great advantage by using the correct tools. Undertaking a prominent role in the world, Bosch expects that network connected industry would provide a billion Euro saving within the scope of expenditures by 2020 and would create the sales of same amount. The three-phase approach by Bosch is, first of all, applied to certain factories, then, the value flow is optimized and finally global networks are operated. By completing more than 100 projects within more than 250 facilities throughout the world, Bosch has managed to realize Industry 4.0 successfully.

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Evolution-like-transformation in the industry

The robot manufacturing assistants, named as APAS by Bosch, are the software solution designed to control the entire manufacturing and logistics chain.

In Reutlingen Sensor Facility, it put the ultrasound gloves – recording the hand gestures of the employees for quality assurance – into practice.

The majority of more than 250 facilities of Bosch throughout the world owns plastic containers in order to carry the parts and finalized products with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) labels within the company. The RFID readers take place on all the doors of the manufacturing workshops. They have increased the productivity with a rate of 10% in the inner logistics of Homburg Factory and decreased the storage capacity in manufacturing by one third.

The Bosch engineers in Nuremberg Factory have developed an AutoBod – a driverless, self-directive carriage system equipped with swarm intelligence.

Network solutions by Bosch changing the lives of consumers

It puts its own cloud which connects more than 5 million devices and machines to the network for web based services into practice. Bosch IoT Cloud has become a real service provider in terms of network connection and Internet of Things.

With Smart Home Systems, Bosch enables the users to connect the facilities like heating, lightening, smoke detectors and devices into the network over one single platform and to turn on such facilities with the usage of a smart phone or tablet. It foresees a global market potential of 10 billion Euro within the next year.

Driver assistance services in Autonomous Drive are a business field that grows very fast for Bosch. The sales have exceeded 1 billion Euro for the first time this year and it is working with 2500 engineers in order to witness the vehicles that move with highway pilot technology on highways by 2020. 

According to the online portal Statista, 87 percent of the drivers desire solutions that make ‘finding a parking place’ easier. Bosch reduces the stress of this process with the open service platform; community-based parking. This solution detects and informs you about the empty parking places near the pavements.

Sensor technology is one of the most important points to increase the sales volume of Bosch in the future. Being the leader in terms of micro-mechanic sensors, Bosch produces this most important technology which is required to connect the things over Internet. For instance, XDK (Cross Domain Kit) is a wireless sensor device which makes the manufacturing of the rapid prototype of sensor based products and applications possible for Internet of Things.

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Bosch is ready to be the driving force for the Industry 4.0 progress of Turkey

Bosch is especially interested in Industry 4.0 in its activities in Turkey. Within the frame of studies initiated in 2014, it still sustains 5 different projects. Bursa Factory is a part of this chain and it reduces the maintenance related costs and plans to increase the manufacturing capacity with the utilization of latest production technologies. Also, the duration of responding to breakdowns is expected to decrease.

About Bosch Group in the World and in Turkey

  • Bosch Group is formed by Robert Bosch GmbH and his 440 connected corporation and regional companies in almost 60 countries. If the sales and service partners are included, Bosch is being represented in nearly 150 countries. Through the entire world, it has almost 375.000 employees and 55.800 of them are working for research and development in 118 points.

Please feel free to watch the interview we have achieved with Steven Young, Bosch Middle East and Turkey President at the following video in Turkish.