ZyXEL’s Place

by Fatih Sarı 0

ZyXEL Number 1 in Modem Market

27 years ago, in 1989, the brand name ZyXEL was created by four entrepreneur friends in the rooms of a small apartment. ZyXEL now is achieving its activities from home use to all types of companies all over the world in a very broad range organisation as a leading network technology company.

With its power gained in the 90’ies as a provider in the analog modem market, ZyXEL Turkey is a trend determiner company in our country and now is continuing its success in the Wide Range internet using the ADSL technology since the beginning of the 2000’s. The company always created a difference in the market with its technological leadership. Presently ZyXEL employs over 4000 employees with its distributors, offices and holding groups in 150 countries all over the world.

Instead of an Ordinary Product, We Promise a High Technology Functionality

As in the whole world, ZyXEL is the first brand name to be considered regarding modem technology and therefore promises all its customers the best hardware and software facilities instead of an ordinary modem box. The company grants all its users life long free of charge 7×24 technical support. A leading feature of the company which creates a great difference is its specialized, powerful R&D team.

The Time of Cheap Boxes without behind any Sophisticated Technology is Over Now!

Mr. Vefa Tarhan, General Manager of ZyXEL Turkey, indicates that they have always emphasized on quality and continued; “We have achieved sales of over 2 million units in the last three years in the modem market in Turkey. This success made us the market leader without any hesitation. Of course, there are certain reasons why the users prefer ZyXEL. First of all, we grant our customers a fully equipped technology instead of an ordinary modem box. Along with our three years service guarantee, we give our users a life long 7×24 technical support. We spare an important part of our revenue to our gigantic R&D team, and this power carries us to the front of our competitors. Another feature of our difference is the quality of our hardware equipment together with the sophisticated software we select for our customers. We observe that modem boxes presented on the market under four port WIFI N ADSL or VDSL hardware can mislead the users unless they are supported by a distinguished technology. Our modem is the most important device in our homes for our networks and our internet use. It acts just like a computer and therefore must be equipped with high quality, chips, processors, memory cards and software which affects the capability of the product directly. All ZyXEL products are produced in Turkey with a selected technical team in high-tech laboratories entirely convenient to the infrastructure of our country.”

“Our Power Sources from our Investment to Innovation.”

ZyXEL is a leading company which can adapt itself immediately to newly improved technologies due to its innovation capability as well as the experience and knowledge it holds in the field. The network solutions granted by its superior engineering and user feedbacks promises all users a long term product life.

All ZyXEL products and modems used in network infrastructures give all our customers long-term network services without any interruptions. Along with its high-quality hardware, ZyXEL uses the distinguished and unique software in its modems. An individual design team works with high-quality consumables and all critical parts such as external antennas are produced in ZyXEL facilities.

Check Your Modem from your Mobile

With the unique ZyXEL Network Manager granted only to ZyXEL user,s you can download special applications to your smart phones and can check and control your modems remotely. With all these applications it is possible to adjust the wireless settings, create networks for guests or limit the entrance of certain devices into the internet.

Customers Feeling Safe and Special with Life Long Technical Support

Mr. Vefa Tarhan further mentioned that their clients feel special with this life long technical support and; “After their purchasing of the ZyXEL product, we stand as a life long close friend by their side. To appreciate and sustain the trust confided in us, we never forsake our support and keep this motto always in our minds. Our priority is our customers. We never consider any financial or material evaluation in our 7×24 service quality. Nothing is more important for us than to maintain the amity of our clients.”

May we invite you to watch the video in Turkish we have accomplished after the meeting with Vefa Tarhan Zyxel Turkey General Manager.