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Ericsson ConsumerLab: Turkey is again the leader in usage of mobile Internet services this year.

Ericsson has completed its ConsumerLab research which is made with the mobile Internet users over smartphones in Turkey. In the study made with 1500 users in 26 cities of Turkey, the issues like ‘changes in smartphone usage for the last two years’, ‘users’ opinions about 4.5G’ and ‘customer satisfaction’ are discussed in detail.

Ziya Erdem Ericsson dTalking about the report, Ericsson Turkey General Manager Ziya Erdem says: “According to the findings of the research, the eights of which we have made this year, the smartphone users in Turkey make mobile Internet a part of daily life. Thanks to the serious investments and studies by the operators in Turkey, the increase in customer satisfaction especially in the first three cities draws attention. On the other hand, our research underlines that smartphone users respond positively to 4.5G, which presents a potential.”

Turkey is the leader in usage frequency of several services

Smartphone mobile Internet users use mobile Internet service more frequently compared to the last two years. 67% of those who use instant message services from mobile in 2014 uses these services on a daily basis, and this rate reaches 80% in 2016. Similarly, the usage of social networks increases from 73% to 79% and Internet surfing from %59 to 72%.

With the daily rates of social network usage, instant messaging, listening to music and video watching over the Internet, Turkey leaves several countries like America, England, Germany, Brazil and South Korea behind. The leadership in social media and instant messaging stated in 2014 report also attracted attention.

42 percent of the users would like to make transition to 4.5G

The primary motives of the users who would like to make a shift towards 4.5G are wider coverage zones and seamless connection (37 percent), interest in the new technology (35 percent), the idea of a better coverage in rural areas and the slow photo upload speeds in social media (33 percent).

And those who do not want to make a transition to 4.5G have different reasons. For instance, 44 percent of these users do not think that it would be different from 3G, and 41 percent of them believe that 3G is sufficient enough for them. The concern about the increase in the bills paid for mobile data is another significant reason (37 percent).

The users state that they prefer a 4.5G operator which makes collaboration with international brands such as Facebook and Instagram develop the mobile service experience more than the operators who develop local services and partnerships.


The users in Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir are more satisfied

The customer satisfaction of the users about their operators reaches 68 percent with an increase of 3 points in the last two years. This rate is 77 percent in Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir and is around 51 percent in other cities.

Among the smartphone users, the satisfaction score of the users who use more applications and service is on a higher level. In other words, 83 percent of those who use more than nine applications every day are satisfied with their operators; yet, the satisfaction level of those who use 3 or less application every day is 59 percent.

In addition to the fact that the performance criteria like speed and coverage have a significant influence on user satisfaction (an influence of 40 percent on general satisfaction level in 2016), the impact of different service criteria like customer services, getting the money’s worth and first purchasing process increases from 42 percent to 60 percent within the last two years.

There are development areas especially in the field of customer services. About the professional knowledge and solution to the problems, the users who live in first three big cities are more satisfied with customer services than those who live in other cities.

40 percent of the users think that data performance has been improved within the last

40 percent of the smartphone mobile Internet users point out that there has been an improvement in the fields of data speed and coverage within the last two years; however, there are still some areas to be developed. 20 percent of the users in throughout Turkey, 14 percent of those who live in first three big cities and 31 percent of those who live in other cities state that they have problems related to audio and data connection 5 or more than five times a day. Apart from the major cities, there are still development areas regarding performance increase.

While evaluating the performance, half of the users take ‘file transfer speed over applications such as WhatsApp’ as the primary criterion. Nearly 40 percent of the users check the video upload duration, audio and visual clearance on Internet calls, application download duration or photo uploading duration on Social media while evaluating the performance.

You can watch an interview with Ziya Erdem Ericsson Turkey General Manager below in Turkish.