IDC Announces Tech Conference for Turkey’s Finance & Insurance Community

by ThePercept 0

International Data Corporation (IDC) is delighted to announce details of its second annual ‘Finance Technology Conference’ to be hosted at Istanbul’s Swiss Hotel on October 20. The event will provide the perfect platform for senior decision makers from across Turkey’s finance and insurance sectors to discuss the very latest industry innovations and share strategies for enhancing the customer experience and reducing their dependence on the traditional branch environment.

In Turkey, CIOs are faced with a landscape where competition is fierce and a well-established regulatory environment exists. Economic and political turbulence also pose a threat to financial institutions operating in the country. As such, those wishing to make gains in the market will have to quickly act on disparate and occasionally conflicting priorities, especially when it comes to maintaining growth rates while also gaining first-mover advantage with new lines of business.

“The spread of digital transformation — the mantra for forward-thinking banks, insurers, capital market firms, and government financial agencies — is progressing at a fast and furious rate, with institutions experiencing different degrees of success,” says Nevin Cizmeciogullari, country manager at IDC Turkey. “In just a short time, we have seen the emergence of real omni-channel capabilities, new ways to track and understand customers, and advancements in pricing and product bundling, among many other innovative developments.”

“Competitive threats persist and incumbents know they cannot rest,” continues Cizmeciogullari. “Today’s financial services have to innovate further, using early digital victories as foundations for pushing the boundaries even further. Now, more than ever, is the time to explore new ideas and develop a clear understanding of how emerging technology enablers can redefine the customer experience and how organizations can accelerate their rate of innovation through cloud and Big Data, while moving quickly into next-generation security.”

As the industry finds its stride, financial institutions may very well be neglecting the golden rule of putting the customer first. IDC Financial Insights research has uncovered a troubling trend: banks with the highest levels of digital engagement also have the lowest rates of customer satisfaction. IDC’s ‘Finance Technology Conference 2016’ will address such issues, drawing on the insights of industry leaders and champions to present a comprehensive view of digital transformation and its role in finance sector reform.

To ensure that the very latest vertical-specific technologies are covered at the ‘Finance Technology Conference’, IDC has partnered with a number of leading vendors and channels, including the likes of KocSistem, Checpoint, Fortinet, Microsoft co-sponsoring with Veripark & Plus1 Minus1, Platin Bilisim, Red Hat, UITSEC, Nutanix, Securrent co-sponsoring with Thales, Simplivity, Infosec, İstanbul Pazarlama, SET Software, Tara Sistem, Lostar and Oracle.