Giga 4.5G From Türk Telekom

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A new era has started in mobile communication all over Turkey after the presentation of 4,5G technology since the 1st of April, 2016. The communication and entertainment technology leader of Turkey, Türk Telekom presented its unique “Fiber Power 4,5G” service concurrently in all 81 cities using its 213 Thousand kilometer fiber cable network. Simultaneously, Türk Telekom will be the leader of this new term with its new GIGA 4,5G service which will be three times faster than the fastest 4,5G technology. With its “Fiber Power GIGA 4,5G” technology, Türk Telekom users will experience the highest speed, capacity, and high-quality mobile internet service. As a result of Türk Telekom’s robust network infrastructure, GIGA 4,5G users will reach the highest speed Internet communication and entertainment all over the world in the highest possible quality.

Always One Step Ahead

After a joint venture with one of the biggest telecommunication companies, Korea Telecom, Türk Telekom has been the first service provider in Turkey which has joined the Wi-Fi and 4,5G infrastructures under the “GIGA 4,5G” technology. Türk Telekom’s CEO Mr. Rami Aslan stated that “to be ready to meet all the requirements and expectations of our users we always position ourselves one step ahead. With our “New Name of Speed” GIGA 4,5G technology we have already joined the Wi-Fi and 4,5G infrastructures and have started to grant all our users 1-gigabit speed per second in mobiles since the 1st of April in all 81 cities of our country at the same time. Thus, we started a new age by presenting the fastest mobile internet experience. With our “Fiber Power GIGA 4,5G” technology, our users will enjoy the highest speed, capacity and we grant them top quality service. All our users will reach the highest performance all over Turkey using Türk Telekom.”

Possible With Fiber Infrastructure

Mr. Aslan emphasized the point that the new name of speed, GIGA 4,5G technology can only be achieved by means of a powerful fiber cable network which covers the whole country a continued that ‘as Türk Telekom we possess a robust fiber network in all 81 cities of our country which connects all 4,5 G base stations, and thus, we can grant all our users the widest frequency range as well as the highest quality’. We shall reflect this advantage to all our users as the fastest download and upload capacities. With “Fiber Power GIGA 4,5G”, all our users will experience the highest speed with the best quality communication and entertainment facilities using our robust infrastructure and GIGA 4,5G technology.”

Plenty and Fast Packages

Users will reach 3GB to 7GB internet packages at prices starting from 19,- TL with the “Plenty and Fast” portfolio. (Regular Package covers: 1000 Minutes to all Providers + 1000 SMS to all Providers + 3 GB to 7 GB internet starts from 19,- TL. For Counter users: 750 Minutes to all Providers + 1000 SMS to all Providers + 2GB to 7 GB Internet starts at 19,- TL prices). The “Ultra Rate” portfolio will cover   8 GB to 12GB the internet with limitless speaking and messaging at a cost starting from 59,- TL where users will enjoy the privileges of the Türk Telekom Prime facilities. The regular tariffs will grant all users additional discounts for their home internet and telephone services.

10GB Gift for Testing

With the “Free Mobile Internet” campaign, Türk Telekom grants all users two days free internet service per week and starting from the 1st of April Türk Telekom will present 10 GB free internet service for users who want to test the GIGA 4,5G technology. With the “Woops Internet Is Full” package all young users will reach 7GB Internet (3GB valid at night between 00:00 to 06:00 hrs) + 500 Minutes to all Providers + 5000 SMS to all Providers at 25,- TL.

What will Change in our Lives?

– The Internet will be faster at multiple levels.

– HD films and videos will be downloaded very quickly and will be watched everywhere without any interruptions and at a very high quality.

– Easy transfer of big files.

– Easy connections to cloud services. All company networks will be reached from everywhere, and high-speed data transfer will be possible and easy.

– Mobile health and remote patient care will be one of the fundamentals of the 4,5G technology.

– The retail sector will highly benefit from the facilities of the 4,5G in the field of their communication as well as the digitalisation of their stores.

– In the automotive industry, smart cars controlled by internet and internet service in public transport vehicles will be prevalent.

We have interviewed with Mr. Mehmet Ali Akarca during the Türk Telekom GIGA 4,5G introductory Meeting. You can watch it below in Turkish.