We are business partners with Oracle locally and globally – Gorkem Koseoglu ING Bank

by Fatih Sarı 0

We have visited Oracle Openworld 2016 as a guest of Oracle and had the opportunity to  interview with Mr. Görkem Köseoğlu Deputy General Manager of Operations and Technology at ING Bank.

Mr. Köseoğlu pointed out that Oracle is a leading company of the corporate technology sector and stated that, “Oracle is one of our most featured business partners.  We have a close relation with them globally and particularly in Turkey. We have achieved numerous successful projects together with them both in the hardware and database areas.”

Mentioning that they are trying to participate in the Oracle OpenWorld organizations every year as their IT team, Mr. Köseoğlu further expressed that, “Here, we follow the technological vision of Oracle and inspect the latest versions of the products that we use together as well. Meantime, we obtain the opportunity to exchange views with the managers of the other product groups. We can say that there is a terrific crowd and energy here. We also observe that this energy is increasing year by year.”

“There are three basic themes in the future technologies”

When we asked about the essentials of the future, Mr. Köseoğlu completed his words stating that, “One of the main titles of the future is, security. Today, tomorrow or ten years later, security will be an important issue. Our second title will be cloud. One of the main themes of Oracle OpenWorld is this cloud issue and we shall continue to use the cloud intensively in the future as well. The last theme will be the analytic  and artificial intelligence applications. We believe that, in the short run, these technologies will lead to great changes and will create differences in sectors such as banking which are based on data and softwares.”

You can watch an interview with Görkem Köseoğlu Deputy General Manager of Operations and Technology at ING Bank in Turkish below.