Yemeksepeti Vale Service has started

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With Vale Project, Yemeksepeti reshapes the dynamics of online food ordering industry through the sharing economy approach. Companies with no takeaway services can now use idle couriers of Yemeksepeti restaurants, thanks to Yemeksepeti Vale, the motto of which is “Now, any taste is within your reach.”

This model, which is the first in the world, allows restaurants included in the system to increase their revenues by an average of 25 percent. As for Yemeksepeti users, taste options are ranging up even more. Authentic foods, which can only be eaten at premium restaurants or local establishments, are now available for delivery to houses and companies. Having delivered about 50.000 coffees and the same amount of Far East foods, home cooked meals, dessert, and breakfast to its users, Yemeksepeti Vale is at your service with 350 different restaurants. By the end of 2017, its goal is to reach a restaurant number of 1000 in 3 cities. Nevzat Aydın, the CEO of Yemeksepeti, said: “As Yemeksepeti, we are a brand leading online food ordering industry globally. We are creating a sharing economy through Yemeksepeti Vale services. It is also quite flattering that this is the very first model worldwide that has been designed and carried out by us, and that operates smoothly.”

Restaurants’ revenues increase by an average of 25 percent

Yemeksepeti Vale allows the companies, which do not prefer takeaway services due to concerns such as business models, operational efficiency, and service quality, to use the couriers of experienced restaurants already rendering this service. Thus, restaurants benefit from the support of Yemeksepeti regarding operation and user satisfaction without having to invest in a business other than their specialties. In addition to this, their services become available to 6 million Yemeksepeti users without paying any extra charges. According to the information provided by Mert Baki, Director of Business Development, the revenues of the restaurants included in Yemeksepeti Vale increase by an average of 25 percent.

A model put to use for the first time in the world

The restaurants that offer their couriers to other restaurants’ services create value for more than one stakeholder and gain extra money in the free time with free carriers. This model also stands out as the first example of its kind in the world, for restaurants use each other’s couriers.

By the end of 2017, Yemeksepeti Vale will be serving via 1000 restaurants in 3 cities and will have a five-fold revenue increase.

Currently active in Beşiktaş, Maslak, Etiler, Beyoğlu, Şişli, Acıbadem, Caddebostan and Ataşehir in İstanbul, Yemeksepeti Vale received about 100.000 orders up to today. Baki said: “We have now 350 restaurants registered in our system. By the end of 2017, our goal is to incorporate over 1000 Vale restaurants to this system in İstanbul, Ankara, and İzmir, and to have a five-fold revenue increase.”

“It will reshape user expectations.”

Stating that Yemeksepeti Vale reflects the latest global e-commerce trends and changing user expectations, Nevzat Aydın, the CEO of Yemeksepeti, said: “With this model, we are creating a sharing economy within Yemeksepeti. From users to restaurants, we are creating value for millions of stakeholders by focusing on efficiency. Our motivation is based on the best services we can provide for our users. Yemeksepeti Vale will respond to the expectations of users who start to become more intrigued by different cuisines in a fast-paced world, and who want a faster and easier access to any food of their desire. Furthermore, it will reshape these expectations.”

World cuisines, desserts, breakfasts and coffees are ordered the most.

In Vale, the average order amounts of which are higher than those of Yemeksepeti by a 45 percent, the most preferred tastes also vary. Yemeksepeti has three hit orders of burgers, kebabs, and pizzas whereas Vale has different ones such as desserts, breakfasts, and coffees as well as authentic world cuisines. Tens of thousands of desserts and breakfasts have been delivered to its users up to today.

50.000 coffees are delivered

One of the most valuable products that Yemeksepeti Vale users prefer is coffee. Third wave coffee shops are also included in this system as well as large coffee chains. About a total of 50.000 coffees are delivered from 112 cafes and restaurants. Merve Kesat, Yemeksepeti Vale Product Manager, said: “From received orders, it can be seen that most ordered coffees are a caffe latte, americano and filter coffee.”

About Yemeksepeti

Yemeksepeti, the first and biggest online food ordering website of Turkey, was established in 2001 and incorporated into Delivery Hero, the largest online food ordering platform in the world, as of May 2015. As of today, it provides millions of users with a daily average of 150.000 orders via over 13.000 restaurants in 64 cities.