Strato Data Center – Christian Böing

by Fatih Sarı 0

Strato gains 10 thousand customers in 4 months, new investments come

Strato said ‘Hello’ to Turkish market four months ago. It has been investing for more customers in the market with 10 Turkish employees in a short time. Strato organized a press tour to Germany to promote its investments. Turkey’s market for Strato will be an important part of its growth. Strato continues to work to provide the best prices on the market, trying to differentiate from the competition in the Turkish market since February 2016.

“We want to evaluate this young market well.”

Strato CEO Christian Böing, who hosted Turkish journalists at the data center in Berlin said that “Turkey is a country with a young population, a high potential, and data center needs are increasing day by day. We already had a promotion meeting in February, and after having started to work in Turkey, we have over 10 thousand customers in a short period. It is very motivating for us.”

In a study they conducted, Böing said that ‘Turkish consumers are more interested in the low price of the service which they are going to receive. Turkish users are also interested in which country or region the data is kept, at a reasonable price. Besides all these, ISO 27001, which we have as documented, seems to be the most important factors in our preference for stable and safe services. ”

You can watch the video interview with Christian Böing CEO at Strato in the data center in Berlin in the following video in English.