With BKM Express, mobile payment is now a part of daily life – Serkan Yazıcıoglu

by Fatih Sarı 0

BKM Express evaluated the developments in e-commerce, m-commerce and online payments since its first use, which was four years ago. Having over 1,2 million users and providing over 15.000 member companies with services in Turkey, BKM Express offers its users a fast and convenient payment method both in their online and mobile purchases.

Dr. Soner Canko, General Manager of BKM, has stated that BKM Express became the most wide-spread digital wallet which has the most number of customers in Turkey in only four years. He said that “The advantages of shifting from cash payment to a faster and more convenient payment system can be scaled from individual to family, family to society, and finally society to a whole country. BKM Express contributes much to this vision through its fast, convenient and secure payment approach in shopping experiences. Ever since it was established four years ago, we are proud to see that BKM Express has rapidly become a brand which provides our society with concrete benefits and new technologies, and supports ecosystem.”

Mobile payment’s share increases in online retail transactions.

Serkan Yazıcıoğlu, Assistant General Manager for Digital Solutions, has stated that BKM Express’s new goal is “to make mobile payment a part of daily life”, and emphasized that mobile payment’s share in online retail transactions increased to 35%, 38 %, and 51% in the world, in Turkey and in BKM Express respectively. He has also stated that the volume of card payment over the internet was 65 Billion TL in the last year.  Serkan Yazıcıoğlu remarked that 58 million credit cards are in circulation and use in Turkey, 24 million credit cards are used over the internet, which in fact has a bigger potential like 34 million, and that 2 billion people are expected to do m-commerce in the world in 2019.

Yazıcıoğlu has listed the four leading technological factors as the mobile penetration rate (65% as of 2016), smartphones with big screens, the increase in mobile internet speed with 4,5 G, and the opportunity to shop 24/7. Furthermore, he stated that one of the most important factors as to the increase in m-commerce is convenient and secure mobile payment methods and that with BKM Express, they intend to make convenient mobile payment a part of daily life.

With smartphones, BKM Express is now becoming a part of the daily lives.

After mentioning BKM Express’s four years of business journey, Serkan Yazıcıoğlu has said that this vision, which first started on the internet and has been continuing as online mobile purchases since 2013, will now become much more wide-spread mostly via smartphones. Yazıcıoğlu highlighted that, with BKM Express, from simit sellers to market stalls on streets, newsstands to restaurants, mobile payments are available via smartphones, and said that BKM Express would lead the way as far as convenient and secure mobile payments are concerned.

You can watch our video interview with Serkan Yazıcıoğlu, Assistant General Manager for Digital Solutions at BKM, below link in Turkish.