AUx Istanbul 2016, an odyssey to discover the new world – Murat Tuzum Autodesk

by Fatih Sarı 0

Autodesk has entertained more than 600 designers, architects and professionals from different sectors at Autodesk University Extention Istanbul 2016 (AUx Istanbul) for the second time. The participants had the opportunity to listen to the latest improvements achieved by Autodesk directly from the top level managers along with the brand new trends and exciting projects of the designing and technological world. Furthermore, the participants had the chance to meet various designers and inspiring professionals both from Turkey and many regions of the world. Within the context of AUx Istanbul 2016, the third Airport being built by the collaboration of Autodesk and the Kabataş – Mahmutbey Metro Line were the prominent projects along with the Fusion 360 and 3D printing technologies.

The organization started with the speeches of the top level managers and continued with parallel sessions focused on production, construction, and other sectors. Autodesk Gallery attracted a remarkable interest of the participants by the brand new technologies it offered for the achievement of imagining and tailoring a sustainable world.

An opportunity for Turkey

AUx İstanbul 2016, started with the opening speech of Mr. Murat Tüzüm, Country Leader of Autodesk Turkey, who mentioned that “We are at the threshold of an enormous reformation after the renown Industrial Revolution. The improvements in the accessible 3D designing areas and the brand new production technologies are changing the business methods of the tailoring, engineering and entertainment sectors. Turkey is one of the fastest growing markets and possesses a remarkable potential especially in the fields of construction, production and education. We are proud to entertain the leaders of the Turkish business world for the second time in Istanbul by our organization of AUx Istanbul 2016 while we enjoy the pleasure to witness this new era together with them.”

You just imagine, Autodesk is ready to help

AUx İstanbul 2016, continued with the explanations of Mr. Callan Carpenter, Global Sales and Services Vice-President at Autodesk about ‘Future of Design’ emphasizing on their support they have extended to the engineers and designers of the high performance cars, skyscrapers climbing the sky, smartphones, and famous movies. Mr. Carpenter also mentioned that “We are now experiencing an age where the professionals and teams working on cloud, social and mobile informatics are in close contact with each other as never seen before. We have to make use of this “close contact situation” to tailor the designs. To realize and use the particular phases of products or projects it is essential to go beyond the optimum level of conception. We have to optimize the creation type of a product as well as the systems interconnected with this product. We observe that at the designing phase, the digital and the physical worlds are totally integrated with each other. The advanced technologies used in the areas of production and construction such as the 3D printing, micro factories, drones and the reality moments will soon be inevitable tools.”

Competitive advantage can only be achieved using new technologies

Mr. Diego Tamburini, Production Strategist at Autodesk, emphasized on the concept of the “Internet of Things” and mentioned about the new trends in the digital designing world and their relevant effects in the production sectors. He further stated that “Customers require smarter, interconnected, user-friendly and efficient products. On the other hand, humanity is facing severe problems such as climate change, global warming, food security, unemployment, terrorism, lack of water, economic inequalities, traffic, and pollution which can only be solved by multilateral systems. In addition to all this chaos, technological improvements are increasing remarkably. This speed creates an oppression in companies to understand and adapt the new technologies to overcome the harsh competition conditions. As Autodesk, we understand and appreciate such difficulties our clients are facing in the fields of production. Using our innovation culture and by our never ending search for promising new technologies, we are trying to support our clients to overcome this transformation phase using our products and service models.”

The AUx Istanbul 2016, was realized by the sponsorship of HP, Altar Technology, Zaxe, Lumion, MSI, and Avnet, exhibited their products and solutions inside the exhibition areas of the organization.

Please feel free to watch below video interview in Turkish with Mr. Murat Tüzüm, Country Leader of Autodesk Turkey.