Aruba Networks Seamless Connection and Security – Ersin Uyar

by Sinan Oymacı 0

We had a pleasant interview with Ersin Uyar who is the Country Manager of Aruba Networks.


Hello and welcome.

Would you kindly tell us about the merging process?

Sure. In fact, we have to handle the merging in two different phases.

One of the phases is rather a separation. Hewlett Packard was divided into two. One of them is HP Inc., whereas the other is HP Enterprise. One of them works on the PC and printer side while the other is Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which offers corporate solutions.

Aruba has become an abundant brand name which was bought by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and continues its activities under the same roof since the 1st of November, 2015.

Thus, the units of the Aruba family merged with the Network units of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise, to unite in one family.

Would you kindly mention about the product range of Aruba?

Aruba has both outdoor and indoor access points which operate using their relevant controllers.

Although we describe Aruba as a hardware company, in fact, it is a software company as well. Aruba has a considerable number of software based products.

Clearpass is a leading example. Clearpass is the primary product which links the corporates and individuals to the internet in the safest possible mode.

Additionally, when we consider the products and the solutions, for companies that have to monetize their location based services, in other words, for corporates which use their network to earn money, we suggest our Meridian solution.

Simultaneously, we have a broad range of products which connects the hardware with the software peer-to-peer with network and cable network devices.

If I am not wrong, you mentioned something about a “Seamless Connection.” 

When we locate Aruba into the corporates, we emphasize on a continuous security.

Because safety is the priority, asides from the existing firewalls on the access points, Aruba has its patent brand called Sticky Client.

Sticky Client, grants the users a seamless, continuous connection while they are making different roamings and avoid possible problems. Therefore, it is a real value for us.

Our firewalls together with the Sticky Client makes us unique among our competitors.

Just as I was going to ask about your difference, you mentioned about it. So, what are your different points? Why should corporates prefer you, instead?

As I mentioned before, the security side of Aruba is quite important for us.

As you know, these days, we are talking about the internet of things and in the internet of things, the prime issue that is questioned or has to be detailed is, security.

At this point, we continuously emphasize on safety in platforms of the internet of things as well as the existing infrastructures.

When I say, we emphasize on safety; we keep the security of the infrastructure with our Clearpass solutions without any dependence on any other producers. Therefore, our difference is on the security side.

Well, what should we expect on the network side for the future?

Shortly, the existing switches of HP Networking will continue their life span under the Aruba brand. Thus, the investments that Aruba will launch on the security side will be a part of our everyday lives.

Furthermore, we shall continue to improve and offer our secure infrastructure solutions essential for the digital transformations, as well as the internet of things.

Thank you very much.

We thank you.

You can watch the interview with Ersin Uyar, Country Manager of Aruba Networks below in Turkish.