2016 was a successful year for VMware in Turkey

by ThePercept 0

Murat Mediceler, VMware Country Manager of Turkey, came together with the Turkish Informatics media recently and stated that they were heading for a successful closure of the year 2016. Remarking that Dell’s acquisition of EMC has not affected VMware’s authentic structure at all, Mediceler said the following regarding 2016 at the conference;

“As part of a relatively rapid digital transformation, 2016 has been a year that highlighted mobility and security factors as well as network virtualization, which is one of our most important fields of operation. 2015 was a year where we’d made our necessary investments in the network virtualization services, of which we are a globally leading company. In 2016, we have succeeded in creating customer and industrial awareness as to the benefits of network virtualization, which is quite a new concept in our country, by using our knowledge and experiences we had acquired back in 2015.

Remarking that solution under the roof of NSX, and in the network virtualization field has begun to standardize just like the ones in server virtualization field, Murat Mediceler stated: “Along with this came the increase in some companies using our solutions and thus customer satisfaction. It has been a year, during which we focused mostly on security and mobility. NSX has helped data centers become much more secure.  An essential development in mobility field with regards to the industry has undoubtedly been the emerge of 4,5G and its spread. Reaching ten times more access speeds compared to 3G has led the use rate and frequency of value-added technologies such as cloud informatics to increase.”

Collaborations continue on telecommunication side.

Informing that they have great collaborations with telecommunication companies, Mediciler concluded:

“Our solutions regarding Software-Defined Data Center and network virtualization can be integrated into 4,5G infrastructure. Now, the world of informatics gets shaped in line with mobility and as people’s dependency on the internet grows so does the spread of approaches like, “bring your own device.” We have helped companies make their business processes more efficient and swift through our solutions consistent with these plans. Ultimately, we have left a year of success behind. We have reached our goals financially.”