ThePercept is a platform talking about today’s most important elements that is forming the future; technology, science, life style, philosophy and art. ThePercept team is curious about understanding how dynamics change our world and what kind of a living is waiting for us twenty to thirty years ahead of us. As the changes are growing exponentially genetics, transhumanism, singularity concepts are transforming our surroundings. We would like to invite you to join our journey for this discovery.

ThePercept is bilingual Turkish and English

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Story of ThePercept

One day when Irem and Sinan were dreaming, reading and talking about the future, they realised that the future was not that far because it had begun to change exponantionally.

Immediately they stepped out the plate and initiated a platform talking about future. On the way their way crossed with Fatih. He liked the idea and they became a great team.

At the stage of technical platform setup Fatih Murat came out of the deep pages of history into the light.

Days passed, preparations ended and ThePercept is on air.

April 2016

info (at) thepercept . com